A Perfect Foiling Session at Oka Point: When Everything Comes Together

A Perfect Foiling Session at Oka Point: When Everything Comes Together

It’s a rare and exhilarating moment when all the elements align to create the perfect foiling session in Bali. Like every surf spot around the world, the quality of the experience at Oka Point depends on various factors: the weather, wind, tide, and, unfortunately, sometimes the presence of trash and seaweed.

In anticipation of a promising swell, favourable tides, and a break in the wind, we organized a strike mission with eight dedicated foilers. Our destination was the beloved Oka Point, known for its almost 1km rides from the outside to the inside section, with multiple dynamic segments along the way. The spot’s strong currents, which deter surfers, make it an ideal playground for foilers, ensuring it’s never crowded.

For this session, we brought along three tow boats and a Jukung. The Jukung served as our base in the channel, perfect for launching drones and filming. It also provided a convenient spot for storing tools, spare wings, shims, and water for mid-session swaps and hydration. This session was particularly special as we welcomed new faces to our team, amping up the excitement.

Our crew included faces from all over the globe: Olly Brunton, Sky Rama, Adam Bennetts, Michael Mac Donald, Jonathan Wilson, Joe Coffey, Julien Borello, Mayan Rafic, Aleksander Dresviannikov, Lukas Gallu, and Kadek Pande. They were accompanied by a talented drone operator and in-water photographers, all contributing to the vibrant energy of the day. These sessions are always infused with good vibes, as the pro foilers share their expertise on technique, etiquette, and equipment setups.

Traveling and foiling with new people at familiar spots significantly boosts our knowledge and passion for the sport. Foiling is still evolving, and it's fascinating to witness the high-performance advancements in equipment over the years. Yet, there are always innovators pushing the boundaries further, continually elevating the sport.

Our Bali crew only manages to gather a large group a few times a year, as many are often traveling or busy with personal projects. This session at Oka Point was certainly one for the books, marking a memorable moment for all involved.

If you’re interested in joining one of our group sessions, DM Foilhub directly for more information. @foilhub / WA +62 812 3781 2719

For those planning a trip to Bali and looking to tow foil at Oka Point, contact:

Kadek or Wayan at Kite & Surf Bali, www.bali-kitesurfing.org
Jonni Deaker at Ripcurl School of Surf, @ripcurlschoolofsurf
Lukas Gallu Beko at Lukas Foiling Club, @lukas_foiling_club 

These businesses offer the best services to get you out on the water and experiencing the thrill of foiling in Bali.

Thanks to:
Mayan Rafic @mayanrafic1
Michael Mac Donald @gethighwithmike.kite
Sky Rama @sky.rama
Jonathan Wilson @jona.wilso
Olly Brunton @ollybrunton
Adam Bennetts @misterbennetts
Joe Coffey @joe.coffey17
Aleksander Dresviannikov @askybwoy
Armstrong foils @armstrongfoils
AMOS Shapes @amosshapes
Kaohi @kaohileash

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