Riding the Future: John John and Nathan Florence x Lift Foils

Riding the Future: John John and Nathan Florence x Lift Foils


Developed by John John and Nathan Florence to feed the soul of downwind exploration. The Florence Collection by Lift enables foilers to remove themselves from crowded surf lineups and take flight in previously unexplored deep waters.

Lift Foils has taken a giant leap forward with their latest product, a signature foil developed in collaboration with professional surfing legends John John and Nathan Florence. This new addition, specifically designed for deep water exploration, promises to revolutionize the foiling experience by allowing riders to escape crowded surf spots and effortlessly undertake previously unthinkable downwind runs.

A Testament to Foiling’s Evolution
The release of this signature wing marks a significant milestone in the evolution of hydrofoiling. It’s a clear indicator of the growing recognition of this sport at the highest levels of professional surfing. The involvement of the Florence brothers, who are revered figures in the surfing community, adds immense credibility and allure to this new product. As foiling continues to gain traction, this development is likely to attract die-hard surfers, encouraging them to explore the unique joys of hydrofoiling.

Innovative Design and Superior Performance
The new wings, designed in collaboration with John John and Nathan Florence, draw inspiration from the Ka'iwi Channel. They are constructed with High Modulus Carbon and have been engineered to offer superior downwind performance and stability. According to John Florence, “It’s insane where the design has gone, because it makes it so effortless and easy.” This sentiment captures the essence of the product: a blend of high performance and user-friendly design.

Signature Wings: FLORENCE 130X and FLORENCE 110X
- FLORENCE 130X: This wing is tailored to meet the daily downwind needs of John and Nathan Florence, offering the versatility to handle all conditions with speed and style. While optimized for downwind runs, it also excels in winging and small surf foiling. The high aspect ratio ensures exceptional efficiency and glide, coupled with impressive control and ease in turns.

- FLORENCE 110X: Built on the DNA of the 110 High Aspect X, this wing introduces a level of user-friendliness rarely seen in wings of its size. Enhanced camber improves low-end usability, and the high modulus carbon construction ensures precision control. It combines improved low-end performance with a rigid wingspan, providing enough speed to dominate any downwind competition.

Innovative Back Wings: FLORENCE 21X
- FLORENCE 21X: This back wing merges traits from the 25Glide, 20Carve, and 21Flow, resulting in an ultra high-performance downwind tail. As Nathan Florence describes, it offers “glide that’s psycho,” providing stability, speed, and efficiency with a medium-length fuselage and a small surface area tail.

Distinctive Aesthetic Appeal
Lift Foils is known for its minimalist yet high-end carbon finish. However, the Florence Collection introduces a fresh visual appeal with tasteful graphics resembling deep water contours on the wing tips and striking red font. This makes the wings not only high-performing but also visually distinct in any quiver.

A Bold Move in the Foiling Industry
This collaboration between Lift Foils and the Florence brothers represents a bold move in the foiling industry. With the esteemed reputation of John John and Nathan Florence, this product is poised to draw significant interest and potentially convert many traditional surfers to the sport of hydrofoiling.

Explore the Florence Collection
For those eager to learn more or make a purchase, visit the Lift Foils website (https://liftfoils.com). The Florence Collection is already on sale, and visitors can subscribe to the mailing list for further updates on this exciting range of products.


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