Signature Foils, Game Changer 170 l Medewi, Bali, Indonesia

Test location: Medewi, Bali, Indonesia
Conditions: Point Break 3-4ft, mid tide rising
Rider weight: 83kg
Board: Appletree Pro-foil 4’4 24.9L

Build Quality & Feel
The Signature GC170 is a full carbon fibre setup, it has a simple assembly procedure which is shown in the instructions supplied with the foil kit. Everything connects together well and only one tool is required for the entire setup, once assembled the rig feels very solid and stiff. 

Visual Appeal
Signature Foils have a great colour scheme for their graphics. The big SPG logo towards the top of the mast is very distinguishable when you’re out in the water pumping around! The quality of the paint finish is excellent on all parts of the foil. 

This setup feels very stiff, the connection between the mast and fuselage is very good. There is some flex throughout the setup when you apply considerable pressure, in my opinion it is no more or less than the other major brands I have used.

This foil setup gave me the surfy, carving feeling I have been looking for in a wing for a long time. This is one of the best carving foils I have ridden and the biggest upside to the Signature is that it also pumps incredibly well! I felt very confident when pushing the Signature hard into turns, I breached a wing tip on several occasions and I wouldn't lose control.

Speed & Efficiency
I found the GC170 would perform well at speed and for my weight I did not struggle to control the pitch in the bigger surf at higher speeds. Riding the wing in a point break meant that there were random boils and currents on the shallower inside section, the wing handled the turbulence very well and felt quite stable and controllable.

Pump & Glide
I found that I was able to maintain the pump & glide best at higher speeds. In smaller conditions and at slower speeds, it is more difficult to get this wing to pump longer distances. However for a lighter rider this might not be such an issue.