AMOS - Hawk SUP Foil Board

Size: 5'0 (85L)
Sale price$1,650.00



This is a compact SUP foil board with high volume making it suitable for the more advanced SUP foiler or entry level wind wing foiling. We took everything we have learned about building prone foil boards and listening to a dedicated group of riders to create a design specifically crafted for performance on and above the water, this SUP foil board includes a concave deck with double concave through the nose. We have added tail kick to minimise touch down whilst foiling and to allow for aggressive turns and pumping. The hawk has bevelled rails and a very balanced outline for increased stability. Dimensions can be customised to suit your riding.


  • High volume making it easier to get into waves whilst retaining a compact feel whilst foiling
  • Concave deck for increased sensitivity to your foil
  • Strong purpose engineered track system
  • Tail Kick
  • Fuller bevelled rails
  • Double concave through to nose
  • SUP handle installed on bottom of board to offset weight of the foil


  • Specifically designed high density inserts for maximised strength where board connects to foil
  • Futures 10.75” fin boxes
  • Vacuum bagged for strength and lightness
  • Air vent installation included
  • We use the best fibreglass, carbon and epoxy we can get our hands on. Amos Shapes only uses the highest quality materials available in order to build your premium foiling product.

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