AMOS - Nitro

Size: 4'0 (26L)
Sale price$1,149.00


The Nitro prone board is essentially a high volume surf foil board.  It is the result of five years designing, riding and evolving with the new age of surf/wing foiling. We have always seen the board as an accessory to the foil that you choose to ride, which lead us to create our most versatile board.  The Nitro is generous on volume, however keeps a streamlined performance-based outline and gives the rider the best of both a user friendly paddler for prone and well balanced compact board for wing.

Adding to the versatility we include 16” tracks allowing you to ride everything from larger surf wings to HA performance and small high speed tow wings.

If you want one board that’s going to help you get out in all conditions this is the answer.


  • High volume surf foil board
  • 16” tracks
  • All carbon vacuum bag construction
  • Multiple foot strap insert option for prone or wing
  • Generous volume
  • Foil Tec four-piece traction
  • Air vent


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