AMOS - Peregrine Performance Wing Board

Size: 5'0 (70L)
Sale price$1,350.00


This wingfoil board is primarily designed to be at home on the flat water or wave riding. The intention behind the Peregrine board was to have the ultimate wing board for all conditions and all levels of skill. With a little added length and surface area to assist in getting up in all wind conditions weather out in the open ocean or on a lake. The peregrine is the ultimate wingfoil board.

This is a performance wing foil board and features minimal thickness increasing the sensitivity to the foil for the rider; bevelled rails for enough clearance in turns a slight concave on the deck and added nose lift to minimise nose diving in between swells.

Foot strap inserts come standard in “Y” configuration giving riders the opportunity to choose between a double front strap or off centre setup

Our design includes a step tail kick behind the foil boxes for quick release from the water and easy lift off. All Carbon Vacuum bag construction gives the ultimate strength vs minimal weight ratio.

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