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Kāohi is Hawaiian for control.

Our "New" Kāohi Grip Leash™ gives you single-handed control of your surf board while in the whitewater.

The Kāohi Grip Leash™ includes the Kāohi "GRIP" that acts as a Rail-Saver Handle...it's always in perfect position to grab with one hand or two.

The Kāohi Grip Leash™ also enables you to keep your board close to you in-between sets and in whitewater, helping you to avoid others in the water and to quickly return to the line-up. Do not hold on to the Grip handle in the impact zone of any wave, as described in our product notices; Let your Kāohi Grip Leash™ do its job!

Kāohi Grip Leash™ Overview:

  • Made for surfers, long boarders, foil boarders and SUP Surfers
  • High quality, heavy duty construction
  • Neoprene covered "GRIP" handle for comfort and control
  • Soft Neoprene cuff 2.0" or 1.5"
  • 100% Marine grade 316 Stainless Steel double swivels
  • "Pro- Grip" hook and loop closure
  • Designed in the USA 
  • US Patent 10,737,750 B2
Available in 16 Straight Leash options:

10' - 9mm Straight Ankle and Calf 2"
10' - 8mm Straight Ankle and Calf 2"
10' - 7mm Straight Ankle and Calf 2"
 8' - 8mm Straight Ankle and Calf 2"
 8' - 7mm Straight Ankle and Calf 2"

 6' - 5.5mm Straight Ankle and Calf 1.5" - No Kāohi Grip (FOIL or Surf)
 5' - 5.5mm Straight Ankle and Calf 1.5" - No Kaohi Grip (FOIL or Surf)
 4' - 5.5mm Straight Ankle and Calf 1.5" - No Kaohi Grip (FOIL or Surf)

Before purchasing Board Meeting USA™, LLC/Kāohi Grip Leash™ products you must read the following found in our "Notices"

Board Meeting USA™, LLC products, Kāohi Grip Leash™, Kāohi "Black Belt"™ waist belt and the Paddle Belt™, are for convenience only and for use in sports that are considered and known to be dangerous; the user of any of these products assumes any and all risk inherent with the use of this product in such sports.  These products are not a replacement for swimming and/or surfing ability, surf and ocean knowledge, and/or common sense; ocean conditions are highly variable and dangerous;  the user of a Kāohi Grip Leash™ should release the Grip Handle in any such conditions that could lead to injury, including the Impact Zone of any wave.  The manufacturer and seller of these products assume no liability of any kind for any damage and/or any injury to the person or property of the buyer, user, or other individual associated with the use of this product.

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