Unifoil Carbon Masts

Size: 750mm
Sale price$1,000.00


Unifoil's proprietary tapered teardrop mast and full lightweight carbon construction make them the fastest masts on the market. Our masts now feature 2 flex profiles, standard, and super-stiff (Katana).


Our standard mast features a 14mm profile tapering to 12mm in the tip. It is our fastest mast in the range if you are looking for pure speed. Designed to be stiff, yet with just a touch of flex and twang to whip the rider out of turns when pushing hard. Recommend for use with our Vyper surf range or for freestyle winging. 

Available in...

750 mm  & 830 mm

Made from premium carbon fiber materials. Unifoil´s modular design can be used with any fuselage/wing design in our range for easy change and experimentation.


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